A90 Full Set

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Package includes:

  • Angles90 Grips
  • A90 Sling Trainer
  • A90 Resistance Bands
  • A90 Cable Pulley
  • Net carry bag
  • Exercise PDF

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    And not the opposite!

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    A neutral grip position (palms facing each other) combined with the freedom of slightly rotating your arms is what feels most natural to us.


    Different grip positions require different muscles to be activated. A free grip position allows you to train exactly at the angle, which hits your target muscle the most.


    More dynamic movements help you develop more stabilization and muscle tension. These basic principles have proven to be beneficial in all types of strength training.



    Invented, designed, and made in Italy! Back in 2017, Simon Sparber, former gymnast and Angles90 founder, cut off old ski-stick handles and attached them to a pull-up bar. The idea of Angles90 was born right there. Since then, we have built a community of 60,000 athletes and helped them to train more naturally!


    The unique and patented handle design allows for different grip methods. Most clients use the ERGO method for medium to high reps, while using the POWER method for lower reps and high weights.


    The most ergonomic method, where the handle fits the form of your hand. With this method, the stronger part of your hand (the middle) does the most work while relieving pressure on the weaker parts. Ideal for 12 – 20+ reps.


    Now you are basically gripping half of a gymnastic ring! With this method, the weaker parts of your hand are supported and you can lift heavier.


    Instead of your middle finger, put your ring finger through the strap to increase the difficulty of gripping the handle. In this way, your forearms work harder.

    POWER +

    This position allows you to perform push exercises at cable machines or with the A90 Sling Trainer. This grip is also used for heavy weights while doing pulling exercises.


    Invented, designed, and produced


    Neutral and rotating grip positions can prevent joint stress


    400lb (180kg) per handle and strap


    Finisher sets, warm-ups, supersets and simply lots of new stimuli!


    Use Several Bands For Exercises Like Chest Press, Deadlifts Or Lunges! Or Simply Keep A Second Pair Of Bands At A Different Location Or Machine For Supersets.


    When Standing On Your Bands, Shorten Them For More Resistance Without The Hassle Of Moving Your Legs By Simply Shortening The Attached Angles90 Grips!


    The Changing Resistance Curve Provides A New Stimuli For Growth Compared To Exercises With A Suspension Trainer Or Weights. The Resistance On Bands Increases Towards The End Of The Concentric Movement.


    Do Not Attach Your Bands To Sharp Or Rough Objects Like Trees. If You Do, Only Do It Through The A90 Sling Trainer Which Can Serve As A Height-Adjustable Anchor.

    More resistance

    For machines or leg presses

    Less resistance

    For pull-ups, dips and other calisthenics movements


    Also with a better grip and portable wherever you want to train

    Vertical Setup

    Low rows, lateral raises & also leg curls with the A90 Ankle Straps

    Horizontal Setup

    Flys, chest press, wide grip pull-downs & reverse flys


    Pull-ups without bars and so much more!

    Door-hook function

    Fix it on trees and beams, too

    Tested & certified by TÜV

    550lb (250kg) loading capacity per strap

    Smallest on the market

    Barely covers an iPhone


    Barless pull-ups

    Barless pull-ups
    Do the most effective bodyweight back exercise whether or not you have bars available! Just throw your A90 Sling Trainer over thick beams, trees, or balcony railings and attach your Angles90 grips. You can also just let yourself hang and allow your back to get a good stretch.


    Besides serving as a suspension trainer, your A90 Sling Trainer can also be turned into a completely different piece of equipment - a barless dip station. What is the difference between conventional parallettes/dip stations and the A90 straps? Because this set up is not rigid, it enables your arms to move in a way that feels most joint-friendly to your elbows.


    Loop one sling strap around your waist to attach weights. Compared to weighted vests, our product is only suitable for pull-ups and incline push-ups, but - again - it is way smaller. In addition, our product is easier to transport than heavy weighted vests and allows you to add rocks from the park to the A90 Homemade Weight.


    By rowing with two Angles90 grips attached to only one sling, your arms will naturally move outwards during the pull. This not only decreases joint stress on shoulders and elbows, but it also generates a greater range of motion which, in turn, will hit your back muscles better. Clients often do this same movement while doing lat pulldowns.


    Take advantage of one of your slings by creating a (height-adjustable) anchor for resistance bands and cable pulleys. Bands often lack a low anchor, and it’s not safe to attach them to potentially sharp objects like trees in the long run. Pulleys sometimes need to be anchored to objects that are too thick for the small attachment strap that is included.


    Experience more stimuli and workout angles through new movements performed with your barbell. Besides pulling exercises, you can substitute bench pressing for pressing the barbell from a kneeling position (either by directly grabbing the bar or through the POWER+ Angles90 grip method). Safety first: Make sure your squat rack or pull-up bar is fixed to the floor or roof!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 198 reviews
    Paul Del Gallo
    Great product

    Awesome product , I use it for every body part

    Sherman Chiu

    Awesome product to work out from home and traveling.

    George A
    Exceeded expectations

    Recovering from tennis elbow, looked to this product to ensure proper form. Not only did I get that aspect covered but the communications, ideas and uses for such a beautifully simplistic product seem endless. Highly recommend.

    Anastasios Tsoutis
    Versatile system

    The A90 full set is extremely convenient, and allows me to workout while at home or on travel. The grips are solid and have increased my mobility on certain rowing and certain rowing exercises

    Great addition to my home gym!

    Love the grips and primarily use them to change up grips for pullups and increase grip strength. The pulley had also been a solid addition to my rack. Just wish the cable was a bit shorter as you may have to adjust your distance from and stance depending on the height of your rack but for the functionality and cost comparison to a proper cable attachment it’s well worth it. Would recommend these grips and the set to anyone looking to add some complexity to your workouts.


    What is the maximum capacity of the Angles90 grips?

    The grips are certified for 180kg (400lb) per handle (or 360kg/800lb if both are used together). Also, you can take a look at our unofficial resistance test that we did with a minivan, which weighed over 1.8 tons (4 grips) - Angles90 Resistance Test

    Do you decrease your grip strength by using the Angles90 grips?

    Building grip strength is extremely important. With the help of Angles90 you can definitely increase your grip strength because you have to control the freely-moveable grip - and you can change between grip options. The FOREARM grip option also puts the main focus on your grip strength by putting the ring finger between the straps. Long story short: no you do not decrease your grip strength by using our grip. Short answer: no! Whereas the grip feeling itself is more comfortable now, especially compared to standard cable machine handles and to most pull-up bars, this does not lead to a weakened grip strength. Rather, grip strength will remain unaltered. The only two things that will and should change with Angles90 grips involved are a) less joint stress (shoulders, elbows, wrists) and b) maximized contraction of your target muscle, your back. However, if your main aim is to focus on increasing grip strength, one out of our four grip methods can help you with it: The so-called forearm grip method consists in putting your ring- instead of your middle finger through the strap. In this way, your forearms will be engaged more.

    What is the difference between Angles90 Grips and Gymnastic rings?

    While gymnastic rings are definitely also a great product, here are several differences:1. You can only grab rings in one way. Our grips, on the other hand, offer different grip options. The ERGO grip option closely matches the natural curve of your hands, which makes it more ergonomic. 2. Rings are much bigger, and therefore less convenient to carry around.3. Most importantly, the Angles90 grips can be attached to all kinds of pulling machines, cable machines, bars, and bands, which allows for a more natural ROM and a wider variety of exercises - not just for pull-ups.

    Why are the Angles90 grips more joint friendly?

    A freely movable handle allows for a more natural range of motion which directly implies less joint stress. Our bodies were not made to grab horizontally aligned handles year in and year out in the gym. From a biomechanical perspective, our arms (slightly) rotate when they pull something. With the use of Angles90, you grab a handle that adapts to you and not the other way around. This helps your involved muscle groups absorb forces more efficiently, therefore minimizing wrist, elbow, and shoulder injury risk.

    Can I use the Angles90 grips for pull exercises only?

    The grips were designed for pull exercises, because that is where the freedom in choosing different grip positions is missing the most (barbell deadlifts, pull-ups, rowing machines etc.). However, the handles are also attachable to cable machines for a better grip, like while doing Chest Flyes. With the help of our A90 Sling Trainer and A90 Resistance Band, you can do a lot of 'push' exercises too, just use the POWER+ method explained above on this page.

    What is the difference compared to grabbing a conventional bar?

    Angles90 allows you to train in a natural range of motion, which means that countless exercises can be performed more effectively and with less strain on the joints. Our body is not made to move weights with fixed, rigid angles - at least according to numerous studies and the best coaches on this planet.From a biomechanical perspective, our arms should move freely during a movement in order to alleviate pressure from wrists, elbows and shoulders. This problem becomes especially clear during 'pull' movements like lat pull-downs, pull-ups, deadlifts and barbell/machine rows due to limited grip options - unlike chest or shoulder exercises. For example with a dumbbell press, you intuitively chose a range of motion that feels most comfortable on your joints and that uses your target muscle most effectively.

    What is the diameter of the loading pin?

    2cm (0.78 inches), which means that every kind of weight plate fits.

    What is the maximum load capacity?

    Pulley and rope: 660lb (300kg); strap and carabiner: 330lb (150kg)! Bear in mind that the perceived weight absorption through the pulley is way higher compared to weights of a machine

    Can I shorten the pulley's cable?

    We do not recommend to cut the cable in any way, but here are some hacks for you to get the same result:1. Do not use the loading pin, instead, loop the cable around the weight plates to attach them (you will get a how-to video for all these tips)2. This may seem obvious, but try to attach the pulley at a higher anchor point (our A90 Sling Trainer can help here)3. This is not a solution for every exercise, but simply try to move further away from the pulley when doing an exercise.

    Can I attach the A90 Cable Pulley at a lower anchor point?

    Yes, you can! Depending on the exercise, you may be able to do it with one Cable Pulley, or you might need two. Here is a quick overview:- Biceps curls or side/front raises: you can do them with one A90 Cable Pulley, even though two make for a better experience- Seated low rows: here you need two A90 Cable Pulleys to pull it off. Our how-to video that goes out with every purchase will explain this in detail

    What is the resistance of the bands?

    There are two bands included in the package: Blue Band = 9kg/20lb Black Band = 18kg/40lb. You can obviously use them together too.

    How can I train from a higher anchor with the resistance bands?

    Just set-up your A90 Sling Trainer to a high bar or tree and connect it with your Resistance Band. This is also beneficial for the durability of your bands because you do not have to attach them to a rough surface.

    Is it possible to do assisted pull-ups with your A90 Resistance Bands?

    Of course! Simply tie the bands carabiner to the lowest point of your Angles90 grip straps. Please have a look at the following video: Assisted pull-ups

    How is it different than a conventional Sling Trainer?

    1. So small it fits in your pocket2. You would miss out on the ergonomic handle with the conventional sling trainer option3. Do pull-ups (even without a bar) 4. Widen the sling straps and do dips5. Set up your dip station6. Use it as a weight belt7. Use it as a (movable) squat rack - also for new barbell exercises8. Use it as a hight-adjustable anchor for bands and pulleys

    What is the maximum resistance of the A90 Sling Trainer?

    The maximum resistance is 550lb (250kg) per strap, carabiner, and metal buckle! This has been tested and certified by TÜV.The Angles90 grips, instead, are certified for 400lb (180kg) per handle.

    Can I attach the A90 Sling Trainer to a door?

    Of course! Assuming that the door is stable enough, you can even perform pull-ups there. Please have a look at the following video which explains how to set it up: Door pull ups