Why should I attach my Angles90-grips to already freely moving handles/grips?
  • Rotating grip option: Your original grip may consist of different static grip angles, but lacks a rotational grip option! By not making every kind of pull movements also out of a rotating grip, you will never tap the full potential of your muscle growth and put more stress on joints than needed.
  • Freedom of neutral grip width: The vast majority of neutral grips/handles can only be used in one certain width, mainly it is a very broad or a very narrow grip. Probably you know this situation from the lat pulldown and low seated row in your gym.
  • Ergonomic handle form: Round grips/ handles are established standards in gyms, partly because it is simply easier to load and put off weight plates. However, by always grabbing this same and static form, you never relieve some certain stressed parts in your hand palm.
How do the Angles90 differentiate themselves from gymnastic rings or sling trainers?
  • Deadlifts and Pull-ups: These two exercises count to the most fundamental ones and are done with relatively high loads. However, exactly there you cannot just add a sling trainer (and you obviously cannot use rings for doing deadlifts). With the Angles90, in turn, you add new muscle stimuli and prevent joint injuries where it is most needed!
  • Machines: You can’t attach them there neither!
  • Ergonomic grip form: Wooden rings in general provide a solid grip feeling. Still, they only replicate the established and standardized round grip form. Sling trainers, in turn, oftentimes provide a grip that is rolling around its horizontal axis. This puts the focus away of your target muscle (the back) because you need the energy to actually hold the grips nice and tight with your forearms.
  • Transportability: This point should be self-explainable!
How short can I make the Angles90 straps?

Take a look at our summarized instructions!

Doesn’t it make deadlifts and barbell rows more instable?
  • No, because if you possess an average technique of these movements already, the weights and the bar will not start altering its usual path.
  • No, because the belt itself will never slip. This is guaranteed by a simple physical principle behind making a loop around the bar/handle: The more you pull on it or rather the more weight is loaded on the handles, the tighter the loop becomes! Here you see how to do it.
  • Trick for beginners: Shorten the belt at these exercises for more stability and control.
Should I rather use the neutral grip or the rotating grip?

See the description above the videos in the Link.

Are exercises with the Angles90 more or less difficult?
  • No simple answers for complex questions! Let us split up the following facts.
  • Exercises in general tend to become more intense and therefore more “difficult”, simply because the range of motion is increasing, so you have to move weight for a longer way (deadlifts excluded).
  • Also, the motion itself is a new one now! From there it is deductable that the longer you were training with fixed grips (and the more years you have trained so far in general), the bigger the initial increase in difficulty will be compared to “normal grips”.
  • Although the handle form is ergonomic, the same principle from above applies: Every new aspect/ factor you include in your workout, time is needed to get used to it.
  • FINALLY please never lose sight of your actual goal: Getting more muscular and stronger or making exercises easier? Angles90 was made to achieve the first two goals, not the third! See our gathered studies to know more about the correlation between grip positions, strength increase and muscle activity increase.
What does "Angles90" actually stand for?
  • „Angles“ is a well-known expression in the world of resistance training – for a good reason! “Train muscles, not movements”, which, amongst others, can even be found on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Website, explains it all.
  • “90” is referred to the 90 degree angle, because by starting from the over- or underhand grip, those are the degrees you need to turn your wrist in order to arrive to the neutral grip position.
  • Our girp allows you to perform fundamental exercises like pull-ups or deadlifts out of every kind of grip angle, but especially in the neutral grip angles (because it is the most efficient and natural grip position)
Sweaty hands and slippery grips - What to do?
  • First of all - the grip was made to not convey any slippery feeling IF your hands are not sweaty/ wet.
  • However, a 100% non-slippery grips something we consciously avoided. Why? If you make a grip too grippy, the friction becomes too intense over time so, the grip surface could get damaged (this is what you see on the majority of bar handles in gyms over time).
  • What you can do (especially when lifting heavier weights): just use gym gloves or common working gloves and you will get the grippiest and most ergonomic grip ever!